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Recognized as Best Literary Journal for 2005 by Public Radio's - "The Poet and the Poem's" Tenth Annual Award for Excellence in Print

Volume 27
No. 1

Outside by
André du Bouchet

of the Wolves
by Salgado Maranhão

At an Hour's Sleep
from Here
by Franca Mancinelli

Forty-One Objects
by Carsten René Nielsen

The Stella Poems
by Duane Locke

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A Journal of Contemporary International Poetry & Short Fiction

The Bitter Oleander Press has been providing the poetry reading public with a highly deep-image driven poetry since 1974. We publish those works whose imaginations open our eyes to a world we thought we knew but were mistaken. A world that our habits, our education and our beliefs blind us from everyday.

We believe in bringing our readers and writers face to face with each other, with the reality of our uncommon world, like the one that exists in grape seeds blown by hurricanes into hidden corners doors form when closed. We publish well-known, little known and unknown poets and writers side by side.

Published in English, most if not all of our translations include their originals. We demand a serious poetry. A poetry devoid of clichés and predictable twists of well-worn or entrenched truths. We prefer a heightened music driven by a profound linguistic rhythm. We strive to preclude the conventional issues and sentiments on which mainstream poetry thrives, with a poetry not only rich in its imagination but one that treats words as sacred rather than vehicles to the same intersections and experiences over and over again.

The Bitter Oleander Press is a proud member ofCommunity of Literary Magazines and Presses

Community of Literary Magazines and Presses

In addition to our biannual journal (Spring & Autumn), the books our press publish have a special emphasis on contemporary poets in translation in order for our readership to access poets whose work, though honored and significant in their own cultures and countries, has yet to emerge in our own. This ongoing effort has included such international poets as Benjamin Perèt (France), Joyce Mansour (France), Nicomedes Suárez-Araúz (Bolivia), Alberto Blanco (Mexico), Philippe Rahmy (Switzerland), Jacques Dupin (France), Kristiina Ehin (Estonia), Ana Minga (Ecuador), José-Flore Tappy (Switzerland), Karl Krolow (Germany), Hai Zi (China), Salvador Novo (Mexico), Eunice Odio (Costa Rica), Nora Iuga (Romania), Pierre Voélin (Switzerland), Christine Lavant (Austria), Franca Mancinelli (Italy), Carsten René Nielsen (Denmark), Marie Lundquist (Sweden), André du Bouchet (France) and Salgado Maranhão (Brazil).


Because we are open to submissions from all cultures, people and languages, we regard their investment of time spent submitting and creating to be very critical. We pride ourselves on answering every request, every order, every submission, every letter of gratitude and annoyance personally because we feel there's absolutely no substitute for that one-to-one exchange which can and should take place between editor and writer. Building this bond strengthens the importance such interaction can have on one's work and on one's publication. We're indebted to all those poets and writers for making us what we are and for all the trust they continue to place in us.

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